Planning Sought to Build 72 houses on SURREY HOUSE and WARREN FARM, WHITE LANE

  • Shanly Homes are showing their plans and proposals at a public meeting on 28th May between 2.30 and 8pm, Tongham Community Centre, Poyle Road Recreation Ground, Poyle Road, GU10 1DU.

    The initial proposal can be seen here:

Planning Permission Sought for Building on THE CROFT

  • Planning permission has been sought for the erection of 39 residential dwellings including an apartment block for eight dwellings with associated access, parking, landscaping and open space, following demolition of the existing property on site (The Croft).  The planning officer is Nick Upton and the proposal number is 13/P/00717.  Details can be seen and comments left here..

Inconsiderate 4x4's - Causing More Problems Alas.

  • Thank you to everyone who petitioned the council to impose a Traffic Regulation Order on the path between Drovers Way and Ash Green Road East.  Good news is that the council has now closed this area to 4x4's and volunteers have cut a footpath.  AGRA is confident that in time the route will recover. closure of the path (BOAT) between Drovers Way.  Unfortunately the closure of one route has meant that extra pressure has been placed on the bridleway between Drovers way and Ash Green Road.  AGRA has received reports of local residents being forced from the path by inconsiderate drivers who rev their engines in an intimidating, and for those on horseback dangerous, manner. The road is not only in an increasingly poor and dangerous state, but is also too narrow for cars and other users to use safely at the same time.  AGRA would ask people to email the Senior Countryside Access Officer Debbie Prismall, who was so helpful in the matter of the BOAT.  Mrs Prismall's email address is
  • Ash South and Tongham Police Panel Meeting

    • Please come along and discuss any issues you have
      When: 29/04/2013 19:14
      Location: St Pauls School, The Cardinals, Tongham, Farnham
      GU10 1EF


    • Following several ‘leads’ in the Home Counties, many suspects have been identified (a male & female arrested in Aldermaston, Hants) for the theft of dogs that was so prevalent late last year. Many animals have been returned to owners by various means as the power of social media put increasing pressure on the thieves that they clearly had not anticipated. So good news but don't be complacent.
    • ...and on the lighter side.... another case of a horse that was found with its tail mysteriously plaited, has been reported in Ash.

    Wardens April Newsletter

    Dog Poisoned in Godalming

  • Surrey Police is investigating following reports that a dog died after eating poisoned fish in Godalming on Friday (12 April).
    Police wildlife officers are assisting the local neighbourhood policing team with the investigation into the possible poisoning incident, which took place on the tow path along the River Wey in the Peperharrow area of Godalming just after 1pm.
    The dog's owner told police she had been walking her dog along the path and when she returned to her car, she noticed that her dog had become very ill and was foaming at the mouth. The woman re-traced her steps and found pieces of what appeared to be salmon scattered along the path.
    Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC James Ansell, who is investigating the incident, said: "The woman took her dog to the vet and he was put on a drip, but sadly he died the following day. His owner believes the salmon had been poisoned and tests are being carried out to establish the cause of death. If the dog had eaten poisoned salmon, the next step will be to try and find out what the fish had been poisoned with.

    "We are also working closely with Natural England, which has an interest in the area."

    PC Ansell continued: "The owner is understandably devastated and I am appealing to anyone who has any information about this incident to contact me as soon as possible. In the meantime, dog owners are advised to keep close control of their animals and report anything suspicious on 101, quoting incident reference number P13105019.
  • Witnesses Sought Following Friday Afternoon Burglary in Ash

  • Police are seeking witnesses after a burglary took place at a block of flats in Shawfield Road on the 12th April, just after 1pm.  Details can be found here.
  • Road Between Ash Green Lane East and Drover's Way BOAT 521 TRO

    • Thank you to everyone who supported the continued closure of the road to 4 wheeled traffic.  The motion was unanimously carried and the road will remain shut.  Thank you also to the council and volunteers for cutting a new pathway.  The road remains in a parlous state and this will help take pressure off the road while opening the road up as an amenity for legitimate users.

    More and More Planning

    • As predicted it would seem to be open season on the land around Ash Green, Ash and Tongham.  This includes a proposal to build along Grange Road.  While as a community many would agree that some level of development is necessary it would appear that the developers would have us a continuous conurbation as soon as they can manage it. 
    • Taylor Wimpey are looking to build " up to 60 dwellings, including affordable housing, facilitated by an improved access along Ash Green Lane West"They are putting together more detailed plans so watch this space.

    Wardens March Newsletter

    Ash Museum Newsletter

    • The newsletter can be downloaded here. Check out the "Dates for yourdiary"


    Special Planning Meeting

    • Thank you to everyone who came.  I think it is safe to say that Guildford Borough Council are under no illusions as to the strength of feeling regarding the proposed development.  Concerns were congestion, amenities, water and sewage, safety and nature.  It is still not too late to write an objection letter and remember every member of your household or even visitors can write an objection (see below).

    Developers - Planning Application No. 12/P/01973

    • In what could be construed as a cynical action to minimise objections Bewley Homes and a2 dominion  have put forward their planning application for the development of 400 residential dwellings on the land between Ash Lodge Drive and the old railway track just before Christmas......AGRA would encourage the entire community to disappoint them.  Although it is difficult to get a firm final date out of GBC Planning Department, it would appear that we have a few more weeks. SO IF ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAS NOT DONE IT YET, PLEASE DO IT NOW.

      The Ash and Ash Green Resident's Associations would urge you to object to this Application as we stand to lose this green land forever.

      DON’T FORGET THAT THE MORE OBJECTIONS RECEIVED BY GUILDFORD BOROUGH COUNCIL, THE MORE CHANCE WE HAVE OF DEFEATING THIS APPLICATION. Remember, each person in a household can object. Guildford Borough Council and, potentially, the Secretary of State have to see the depth of feeling there is against this Application.

      Notes on Writing an Objection Letter

      Who can object to the proposed development?

      Everyone you know who may have a valid reason for objecting:

      •       You
      •       Your Partner
      •       Your Children (there is no minimum age limit and this could be a good   exercise in citizenship for them)
      •       Anyone who resides at your home
      •       Anyone who has visited you in the past (maybe they used the fields to exercise your dog, walk with your children or for a Sunday afternoon stroll etc.)

      How do I object?

      You can object by:

      •       Letter to: Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4BB Put Ref: Planning Application 12/P/01973 at the top

      •       Email to: with the subject line: Planning Application 12/P/01973

      •       Online on the GBC website:

      What should I say in my letter?

      Your name and address

      Start your letter with the planning application number and say that you are objecting, then go on to say why you are objecting.

      What is a valid objection?

      In theory an objection to a planning application must be made on planning grounds but unless you just happen to be a planning expert simply say what you feel. For example you may want to object for some of these reasons:

      •       Adverse effect on character and appearance of area  (turning Ash and Tongham into one big town)
      •       Visual amenity (but not loss of private view)
      •       Highway safety
      •       Traffic generation/congestion
      •       Layout and density of building
      •       Road access/more dangerous intersections
      •       Local, strategic, regional and national planning policies
      •       Proposals in the Development Plan
      •       Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
      •       Nature conservation
      •       Loss of community/green space
      •       Flooding

      Is there anything to be careful of?

      If you decide to write letters, they must all be different (identical letters will only be counted once) and they must be signed by the individual. If the objector is not a local resident but has visited you in the past they should write using your address but mention they were only visiting.

      Thank you

      Ash Residents Association Committee

      The planning application by Bewley Homes for 400 houses is in and can be viewed here.

    The Bund

    • The AGRA committee have been advised by the Engineering Dept of GBC that building of the Bund to the East of White Lane is anticipated to start around Easter 2013. However it is important to point out that at this date there is no agreement in place with the Landowners on whose land the Bund is to be placed. We have asked the council to confirm that the delay in building (should have been completed this month) will not result in additional costs, which of course would be borne by ratepayers. They hope there will not be any inflationary increase but are unable to give that assurance. We hope to have further information, in a matter of weeks, regarding an official agreement between all parties involved.
    • Minutes of the council meeting (24 May 2012)
    • Article in Get Surrey (November 2nd 2012)
    • Val O'Dea (Ash Flood Commitee) and another resident who was flooded have been interviewed by BBC Surrrey - broadcast will be on Monday morning (5th November) 104 - 104.6FM.

    More Local Development Proposed

    • Outline application for the erection of 26 residential dwellings comprising 9 no. x 2 bed, 15 no. x 3 bed and 2 no. x 4 bed houses with associated open space and 42 car parking spaces (as amended by documents received 12/10/2012) on land to the south of Foreman Park and west of Foreman Road, Foreman Road, Ash, Aldershot, GU12.  The planning application can be seen here and the case officer is Gill Salisbury Telephone 01483 444 618 and quote application number 12/P/01534.
    • Outline application for the erection of 35 residential dwellings to include 13 units of affordable housing comprising of 10 no. x 2 bed, 17 no. x 3 bed and 8 no. x 4 bed houses with associated open space and 70 car parking spaces  in Poyle Road - the planning application can be seen here.  Although the consultation period is marked as passed it is not too late to send in your concerns.
      The case officer is Nick Upton Telephone 01483 444 624 quoting application 12/P/01514

      If you have concerns about either or both of these developments would you please contact the council?  Their email address is, their postal address is Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BB, and do not forget to quote the planning application number.
    • Bewley Homes / A2 Dominion  ASHRA have put forward an application to have the contested land designated a village green.  To do so there needs to be evidence that the land has been used for recreational purposes (dog walking, nature watching, picnicking, etc) for the last 20 years.  ASHRA is asking every person in Ash and Tongham (not just every household - every person) to complete the form here
    • The Croft.  It appears as though having secured planning permission the developers are hoping to sell the site

    Application for Village Green Status - Ash and Tongham

    • Ash Green Residents Association is favour of the village green application No . 1866 as it will protect the land which has been used by Ash Green Residents for recreational purposes for many years. Dog walkers take advantage of the safe open space in which they can let their dog off of the lead without having to worry about it coming to any harm. Horses riders use it as a safe environment, when the evenings are drawing in or there is a fog and you are not so visible to other road users, it means that you can still exercise your horse. It is the perfect environment for families to engage in out door activities.

      There is an excellent selection of wild life which is an added bonus and it continues on from the disused railway line which the Council refers to as a nature corridor! The wild life needs to be protected so that current and future generations can enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitat. It would be a tragedy to lose this local amenity.

      You can support the application here:  Success in the application will protect the area planned for development by Bewley Homes/A2 Dominion.


  • Newsletter.

    • Download the AGRA newsletter here


    • WE HAVE A NOTICEBOARD!   It has been pointed out that not everyone has a computer, however sending letters at the rate the website is updated is impossible.  To this end AGRA asked for a second community noticeboard to post AGRA related issues.  Thank you very much to councillors Nigel Manning and Carol Olive.  AGRA now has noticeboard space of its very own, next to the existing Parish noticeboard.  Please spread the word!

    Bee Swarms?

    • Contact Astrid & Stephen Bowers telephone 01252 330229, mobile 07803 069798 and Stephen will collect them for free.

    Dumping in Ash Green

    • Good news, a conviction is looking likely.  Remember if you pay an unregistered person to dump your waste you are liable.

      The majority of fly tipping is domestic waste which has been dumped by unregistered traders who offer to clear waste for householders.
      Use of unregistered traders is an offence and it is the householder’s responsibility to check that the trader/builder has a waste carriers license.  Dumping of any material (biodegradable or otherwise) is an offence.
    • Guildford Borough Council will remove furniture (£12 per item) and registered waste carriers can be found on or by telephoning Guildford Borough Council 01483 4444 99 (All day every day).
      Fly tipping can also be reported on 01483 4444 99.
    • Dumped material can be reported online here or by telephoning 01483 444 499.
    • If you have seen people fly tipping contact the environment agency: telephone 0800 80 70 60.
    • Note If you use Farnham dump and are in a commercial vehicle (this includes hired vans) you may be asked for an ID number or you will not be able to leave your waste.  If you are not a business the ID number is free.  Check with the dump before you go.


    • The Croft: Planning for the Croft has been passed but with major improvements to the drainage of the site.  £25,000 is also being given to the council for flood risk assessment.
    • Bewley Homes/ A2A Dominion
      Thank you to everyone who has objected but hold your fire!  For objections to be valid they need to be registered against a planning application number which will be created when they apply.  When they have put in a planning application we will have a number and then will be the time to object.  Don't forget to keep a copy of your letter in case the matter goes to appeal.  When the planning application has been made ASHRA and AGRA will be ensuring everyone knows.  Email addresses would be helpful!  These will only be used to keep you updated on AGRA matters and will not be shared (BCC).  Please send AGRA  an email to be added to the "please keep me informed" list including your first name, last name and address.
    • Guildford Borough Council need to demonstrate a housing supply for 5 years and are currently 483 houses short.  Good news is that they don't all have to come from here and further good news is that the National Planning Policy Framework recommends bringing existing empty houses back into service.  There are 3000 of these in Guildford (over 9 years supply) however these tend to be more expensive to develop than open sites, hence the battle with Bewley Homes and A2A Dominion.

    Bonfires -

    • If you see illegal bonfires, for example burning of trade waste, please report it.  There are quite a few people who need to be told so a single email is easiest. 

      Bonfires: James Liney at the environment agency  to get a reference No. and then Alan Sargent
      Waste brought to the site: Take the registration details and email Paul Warner

      Safety tips and the law regarding bonfires can be found here.


    • There have been a couple of attempted burglaries in the area and Surrey Police have asked that you keep an eye out.  These incidents have happened between 1.00pm and 3.00pm and they have tried to gain access through the rear gardens and patio doors.  If you see anyone suspicious please contact them immediately on 101 if you think someone is breaking into a property dial 999
    • .

    Homeward Bund

    • Guildford Borough Council approved a transfer of £114,000 from savings in the 20111-2012 revenue budget and a further £9000 will be borrowed to cover the estimated £123,000 increased cost in the project to hold back 3,000,000 gallons of water.  Building is expected to start in September or October for 20 weeks once a dormouse survey has been completed in woodland near to the farm.  Further details together with comments by local resident Val O' Dea can be found in the Surrey Advertiser, 13 July 2012, Page 2.

    Got a Good Idea?  Visit the Community Ideas Database

    • Guildford Borough Council are performing their annual update of the Community Ideas Database.  This database aims to capture the community’s ideas for small environmental works in the local area.  These may then be funded by a future Section106 legal agreement negotiated as part of a planning application.    They  are looking for ideas for smaller environmental projects that could reasonably be requested in connection with a development such as:  

      ·        lighting
               play areas and
               road safety measures. 

      This database offers a key opportunity for local people to put forward their views on improvements required in their area.  A letter giving further information and contact details can be viewed here.  A view of the current entries can be found here.  Press CTRL + F to find a particular entry.

    Ash Volunteer Centre - a Short Survey to help you better

    • The Ash Volunteer Centre have a short 10 minute survey which they are using to help serve the community better.  Help them to help us by filling it in.

    Too Good to be True?  It Probably Is!

    • Rogues are offering to pick up waste at reduced rates....but once the money has changed hands they disappear.

    Annual General Meeting - Minutes  and Matters Arising.

    • Thank you very much to everyone who attended.  It takes all of us to make it a success and useful.  The minutes of the meeting can be found here: Minutes of the AGRA Annual General Meeting, April 2012 .
    • Follow up from the meeting...
    • Special measures are not required for the disposal of energy saving light bulbs
    • Last year's accounts can be found here
    • AGRA has confirmed that the graffiti on the old railway track has been painted over, not removed.
    • The PCSO has been contacted.  They will be offering safety talks to local stables
    • Speed limits  on White Lane.  Mr Gimson raised the matter at a meeting last week (w/c 14th May) but stated that the matter would be helped by a show of support from local residents.  A letter can be downloaded and sent to Councillor Gimson here but he told AGRA that letters in your own words will carry more weight.  He also recommends contacting The Police Casualty Reduction Officer - Matt Redfern since the support of the police is paramount to the success of getting a speed limit introduced.  A draft letter for Officer Redfern can be downloaded here.
    • Correction to the minutes.  Councillor Gimson's name was incorrectly spelt in the initial minutes.  AGRA apologises to Councillor Gimson, the matter has been corrected.

    Planning: Check "your" comments.

    • It has been reported in the newspapers regarding other development sites that on occasion letters have been written falsely, using local resident's names and addresses on the letter but which they themselves did not write.  Whilst AGRA has no reason to believe that this has taken place locally it would seem prudent to check the letters sent to Guildford Borough Council to see if there are letters coming from our addresses of which we were unaware.  The planning website is here:

    Housing Developments - Give AGRA Your Views

    • There are a number of possible housing developments which have recently come up in our area (see below).  Whilst as individuals the AGRA committee have their own views, as a resident's association our job is to represent YOUR views.  Please Contact AGRA with your views or  if you would like to be kept updated with the latest developments via email. 

    The Ashes, Good Neighbours

    • We are a group of volunteers who wish to offer our time to assist residents in Ash and Ash Vale by helping with transport to the Doctors or the Hospital, shopping or we could pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. We have a small committee but we need more people to help us. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time perhaps as little as one hour a month as a volunteer but if you feel you would like to help by joining the committee you would be very welcome.

      Our last coffee morning was a great success and well attended, (many thanks to Duffy’s Budgens for their contribution to the refreshments), but we still need more volunteers to get this off the ground.
      If you wish to know more before you commit we will be holding another coffee morning on Monday 26th March between 10:30 and 11:30 at the St Peter’s Centre, Ash Church Road. Please come along and hear more about it.

      Or telephone Julie or Sandra on 07790 457632

    Surrey Libraries Action Movement

    • See how much has been already been raised!  (Doing well but need more) and catch up with the latest information here.

    Community Safety Survey - The Results

    • The results can be found here.
    • Need the Police But Not an Emergency?

    • 101 is the new service.  999 for emergencies, 101 for everything else. The 101 number is free and leaves the 999 number available for emergencies.

      Mobile Police Station Comes to Ash

    • Surrey Police has launched a new Mobile Counter Service, which consists of a specially-fitted van and has been designed as an alternative option to visiting one of the county’s 11 fixed police station front counters. 

      Residents will be able to produce personal documents, hand in or report lost property, report accidents and crimes and get crime prevention advice.
      A local neighbourhood officer will also be on hand at each of the mobile counter stops to discuss any specific community concerns.  Full details, locations and times can be found here.


    • AGRA continues to look into upgrading the category of the roads through Ash Green with a view to more reliable gritting in the winter.  A number of the necessary criteria are met so watch this space.
    • Thank you to the council(s) for the work on the roads. Sadly there are still a number of potholes to be found.  Don't forget if you spot a pothole report it.  They can be reported to the council online or by telephoning 0300 200 1003 giving as much detail as to location and size as possible.  If a pothole causes damage and the pothole has not been reported AGRA understands that the council is not liable.  Report it!

      Our Council

    • Ash Parish Council future meeting dates, agenda's and previous minutes can be found here.
    • Guildford Borough Council future meeting dates and previous minutes can be found here.

      Our Police

    •     The Surrey police website  can be found here.
    •     The Tongham and South Ash ward police website can be found here